Mabel Lemonnier

Español - Portugués
Born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He lives and works in Bahía Blanca, Argentina.

In his training stage he ventures into various workshops and techniques, obtaining the Foundation Scholarship Torches and an exchange through Unesco in France and Spain. Being the most decisive and enriching, the meeting with Oscar Cesar Mara and the years of research in "Psychology of form" with Group XX.

His work has a strong influence on other artistic languages: literature, music and cinema.
The long talks with friends and colleagues being essential for her, the trips that allow her to enter in contact with other cultures and the encounter with the great works of art history. Enjoy embarking on the adventure of creation, seeking creative freedom. The motivations appear with the becoming of what has been done "One and its internal state". Always with watchful look-available-detached from all certainty.

Hence, the need for certain media, techniques and materials: paintings in large sizes, Drawings, lithographs, installations.
Make exhibitions in various spaces, galleries and museums.


Residue I

2015. Mixed technique, 100 x 120 cm


Residue II

2015. Coal on canvas, 102 x 94 cm


Residue III

2015. Coal on canvas, 104 x 93 cm


Residue IV

2015. Mixed technique, 120 x 94 cm


Residue V

2015. Mixed technique, 126 x 106 cm


Residue VI

2015. Mixed technique, 120 x 100 cm


Residue VII

2015. Mixed technique, 113 x 95 cm

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